Stephanie McGlynn, MFT

Social Skills Training

Does your child have difficulties making friends? Do teachers tell you that she/he often plays alone? Does your child complain about social problems at school?

More and more it is discovered how important social skills, like expressing your emotions and being able to tell other’s feeling, are. Many children who are socially rejected at an early age will continue being rejected by their peers. These children do not learn social behavior in the same way as their peers, but benefit from additional support. Just as some children benefit from tutoring in math, socially awkward children benefit from tutoring in social and play skills.

Amongst other methods, I utilize the “DIR/Floortime” approach developed by Dr. Stanley Greenspan and Dr. Serena Wieder, the concept of “Social Stories” originated by Carol Gray, as well as principles of social skill training from Dr. Tony Attwood and Dr. Jeanette McAfee. I also have extensive experience using behavioral intervention methods, based on my work in home- and school programs for children in the autistic spectrum.


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