Stephanie McGlynn, MFT

Stephanie McGlynn, M.A., MFT

A strong interest in human nature and an insistent curiosity about life has led me to become a psychotherapist. I am committed to offer clients a safe environment for their explorations of their own lives in pursuit of a more satisfying existence. I utilize a variety of different therapeutic approaches based on each client’s individual needs. My background includes extensive training in modern dance, which led me to “authentic movement” — a Jungian based form of Dance/Movement Therapy. The knowledge that I gained through body-oriented therapy approaches informs my current presence in the room with my clients even when our communication is mostly based in the verbal realm.

My experience of working with children and their parents spans over the last 20 years and extends into various settings. I had the privilege of leading movement classes for children of all ages and cultural backgrounds, working in schools in academia and as a counselor, tutoring children in homeprograms, doing play therapy with children, and consultations with parents.

Since 1997, I have also focused on working with children in the autistic spectrum. In this capacity, I have been part of ABA teams, and have led social skills groups. Besides continuing my work with children, I have extended my focus to the parents of children with special needs in an effort to support the family as a whole.

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