Stephanie McGlynn, MFT

Services for Neurodiversity

Stephanie McGlynn is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (#MFC 41162) who provides counseling to children, adults and families.

Services include

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General Information

The process of therapy can be of short term or long term nature. This will depend on the type of issue presented and your own commitment. The goals of the process are to inspire hope, increase understanding, and reduce or eliminate problems. Sometimes change and increased awareness can be difficult or distressing, but I hope those possible struggles will be part of a path toward a more fulfilling, healthier life.

Here is the menu of different choices I provide. This can also give you an idea where you would like to start and possibly move to in the future:

Service can be provided by appointment only. Therapy sessions are generally 50 minutes long. I offer a sliding scale fee from $120-$150. Payment is due at the time of each appointment. I accept payments via Venmo, personal check, or cash. Clients are also responsible for payment of the agreed-upon fee (on a pro rata basis) for any telephone contact for purposes other than scheduling sessions.

For more information or to schedule an appointment please email .