Stephanie McGlynn, MFT

Parent Consultation

Parenting is a big job, and most people do not know how completely their lives will change. Parents are required to learn continuously, to restructure all of their relationships, and to be “on call” around the clock for years. They want to be wise, loving, and patient with their children, but do not always feel satisfied with the job they are doing as parents. Through personal experience and study I have developed effective approaches that support parents and positively affect their families.

Consultations with a therapist provide a place to freely express your concerns about being a parent. Having a compassionate listener nurtures and strengthens you, and expands your ability to listen and be patient with your children.

Parenting can be a very rewarding and yet often challenging experience, which can impact a previously harmonious relationship and will highlight any already existing problems between partners.

Here is a list of possible stumbling blocks that can get addressed during our sessions:

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